Wednesday, April 14, 2010

goodbye, west coast...

Wow. It is official. I finally booked my flight, and I am no longer an Angeleno starting the evening of April 27th, 2010. Whoa. 

I can't actually say I am a New Yorker as of that date, though, because I am basically dropping off my bags at my mom's place, probably napping way too much on Wednesday and royally screwing up my circadian rhythms, and then going right back to the airport on Thursday for a flight to NEW ORLEANS!

Ok. Let me explain. My mom is shooting a movie in New Orleans until May 9 (she's been there for a few weeks now, sending me frequent photo-texts that make me all but salivate with envy), and I figured I might as well take advantage of this upcoming window of joblessness to frolic through a new city at the peak of spring and soak up some culture and design inspiration for my new place. Also, one of my favorite people on the planet (and former roommate) Matt Brennan has been in New Orleans for a year now teaching high school English with Teach for America (insert shame here for spending my time designing dental brochures and checking in celebrities at a gym while Matt makes the world a better place...), and I have YET to visit him. Mardi Gras was supposed to happen, but I kinda failed on that one, so alas, I guess I will have to settle for Jazz Fest (that's right, I didn't even REALIZE that this is why it's been so hard to find an affordable flight... my chosen weekend is none other than Jazz Fest 2010 in New Orleans... amazing).

So, Thursday April 29 through Wednesday May 5 I will be in the land of mint juleps, live jazz and my dearest Matty Bo. Stay tuned for many photos and tales of adventure to come!

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