Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mama's comin' home.

Alright. So what you guys have missed in my year-plus hiatus from the blogosphere are as follows:

I seem to have somehow whiled away a year of my life guzzling gas, making far too little money, agonizing over and eventually leaving my former dance company, agonizing over and eventually leaving my former boyfriend, and otherwise straddling the line between being partially and totally lost in the direction of my life. I at least do not feel alone, because it seems that pretty much everyone I know in Los Angeles seems to be going through a similar, if not identical, experience… misery does indeed love company, but if changing the energy requires changing the company, then so be it – it’s time for something new and POSITIVE!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been lovely here in LA, and it will of course be difficult leaving all my friends here, but I’ll be back to visit and I’m good at long distance friendships, so it doesn’t feel like too drastic of a sacrifice.

If you haven’t guessed yet - it is official, I am moving back to New York City. The decision has been quite long (and somewhat controversial amongst the west coast crowd) in the making, but it is finally solidified – well, the apartment part at least.

And so we reach the (primary) subject of this blog – the trials and triumphs of feathering my very first non-temporary (and private!) nest. Yes, I am at last joining the ranks of NYC studio-dwellers, moving into a lovely, spacious studio with eat-in kitchen and almost too MANY closets on the 9th floor of a regal doorman building in prime Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I will try my darndest not to brag but I am absolutely freaking out with joy. I of course will need to be feverishly looking for a job while all this nesting is going on to enable me to be able to, well, afford it all, which I’m sure I will mention here on at least a few occasions, and don’t be surprised if some random musings on food and all its wonders make their way on here is well, but I promise to at least attempt to stay on-topic. Or not. We’ll see how it goes... ;)

ANYWAY, In all of my excitement, I of course forgot to take any respectable “before” photographs of the place, so you guys will have to wait about a month for anything more in-depth than the photos (and floor plan!) on the original listing, but more to come soon, I promise!

not-really-to-scale floor plan... (customized, better one to come)

view from the SE corner

view from the NE corner

view from the SW corner

view from the entryway... sort of?

out the living room window... 

into the kitchen

...more kitchen

building entrance! 

superfluous exterior image... but isn't it pretty??

the building... one of the tallest in Fort Greene!

Again, I apologize for the poorly-shot (and teeny!!!) photos, and please, please, PLEASE disregard the current furniture... and layout... and paint colors... and fugly fridge... etc, etc... use your imaginations, people!!! It's going to be FABULOUS!!!

So for those of you with an eye for interiors, please send any and all inspiration my way! Photos, links, hell, even old-school magazine clippings are highly encouraged!! I can’t wait to get started!